This ambitious project will be carried out by a multidisciplinary consortium spearheaded by three European partners:

ENEM (a Slovenian company specializing in energy automation R&D, owned by parent company Iskra), who will provide the ENOPTUS project with specific know-how in hardware energy optimization enabling the automatic control of different load types.

DEXMA Energy Intelligence

DEXMA Energy Intelligence will provide its flagship energy management software, DEXMA (a platform used by more than 2.500 organisations in 45 countries), as the platform on top of which the resulting ENOPTUS tool will be implemented. The final product will allow for both control and prediction of different loads (batteries, air conditioning systems, electric vehicles).

COMSA is a large company specialized in the infrastructure, services, and engineering systems sector with a target market in integrated photovoltaic energy (BIPV). Their role is to define and consolidate the technical and market requirements of the ENOPTUS solution.