How It Works

The ENOPTUS SaaS platform will integrate advanced decision support tools that can respond to user ́s demand profiles, forecast scenarios, load categorization and PV production capabilities (Nearly Zero Energy Buildings approach). ENOPTUS SaaS platform will enable totally automated and autonomous optimization of PV connected energy resources. The software component will be developed by DEXMA, with the collaboration of COMSA.

This joint collaboration will result in a new “Nearly Zero Energy App” with the following features:

  • Solar PV curtailment capacity
  • Dynamic Energy storage control (battery)
  • Dynamic control a wide range of HVAC systems
  • Real time management of other controllable loads (electric vehicles, lighting, intelligent installations, etc.).

The hardware architecture will be developed by eNeM and result in the ENOPTUS Energy box, consisting of a Smart Meter, iHUB and a Smart Switch. Inside the iHUB complex, a middleware system will be introduced with hardware integration subsystem included together with a developed interface to ENOPTUS Platform and SaaS high-end applications. Hardware infrastructure will consist of two components:
a) The ENOPTUS iHUB energy controller with ethernet functionality and an efficient load management system (Load or Power Profiles and Schedulers, Forecast algorithm at daily/weekly basis),
b) ENOPTUS smart meter and smart switch firmware upgrade to support the new iHUB HW controller.


The value added is as follows more powerful optimization, forecast and control capabilities; hardware neutrality (multi-vendor solution); multi-site control (for ESCOs managing different sites); holistic building energy management (integrating demand and generation assets in the same tool); virtual irradiance provision (hardware-free irradiance measurement by means of a cloud provider).